Science Farm Live

After being joined by over 200,000 children in 2021, Science Farm LIVE is back to celebrate this year’s British Science Week (11th–20th March 2022) with a brand new programme of live lessons.

Schools that sign up for the programme will gain access to:

  • Three new live lessons hosted by Encounter Edu and presented by real‑life farming role models from across England and Wales: Lifecycles LIVE, Fantastic minibeasts & where to find them and Climate Change Superheroes. This year we will be learning about lifecycles whilst meeting some fluffy Belted Galloway calves and lambs, learning about habitats whilst delving into the world and work of the dung beetle and learning about climate change in a chat about cow burps.
  • Teaching resources to enhance and extend the live lessons.
  • Live daily updates on our NFU Education chicks in the run up to Science Week and the opportunity to name them.
  • Our award-winning Farming STEMterprise resources featuring a differentiated STEM project for every year group from 1–6.
  • The opportunity to attend a free online teacher CPD session to bring the programme to life.

All you need to do is sign up on the form below and we’ll send you one email per week between now and British Science Week to help you get prepared!

Your details will be kept safe, secure and in line with data protections laws. Please read the NFU’s Privacy Policy if you require further information.